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idn_edm_01.gifReally looking forward to see whats in stall at the HP INTER ACTION -ART IN MOTION live in Sydney on Thursday, December 6, 2007 at 8:00pm.

By featuring an a-list of experimental Audio & Visual visionaries on tour, Art in Motion aims to present an amalgamation of electrifying sonic and visual stylistics set to inspire entertainment specialist to interact with us in your city.

Headlined by a stellar worldwide selection of international audio and visual maestros made up of UK based Coldcut, AV pioneers responsible for the foundation of Ninjatune, DJ Nu-Mark an innovator & a crucial member of the infamous Jurassic 5 crew and Pfadfinderei, slated as Germany No.1 motion designers, forms the base of HP’s six-city party formation, each holding a promise to expand & inspire your horizons for an immersive experience.



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The Spider by Nash Edgerton

Stuntman-editor-producer-writer-actor-director Nash Edgerton short film: ‘Spider’. Ok he also had help writing from David Michod. Music from Ben Lee. Such a simple script! nothing flash, 2 VFX shots. Also; how did they do that camera angle after she gets hit and it rotates around to him. GGGRRRRR films like these frustrate me because they are so easy to make! fairly easy anyway. There must be creative writers out there in Sydney, we need to tap into that scene!

Featuring at the Sydney Film festival. Nash works for ‘Blue Tongue Films’ in Darlinghurst Sydney. Few films on their site. Some of the boys at FUEL are working on the VFX for their latest project ‘The Square’.

This is so up my alley for film making.

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Images from Chile

One of my favorite photographers from South America. Only got noticed just recently. Shoots in an individual style. Such raw imagery with strong looking models. What you can do with using rigging/wires to suspend objects/subjects, then shooting a clean plate and painting away the rigs post. Love his suspended in motion series, usually kinda corny, but with him the images are so grainy and dark.

There are so many openings to blocks and doorways around 2026 that are filthy. Would love to throw a light up or down one and stick a model in there and shoot. Different materials used to enhance the mood. Notice how denim works so well with SPT’s style. Also to film at high shutter speeds; water gushing down the stairs drenching the model.

Simon Pais-Thomas


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VB Symphony


From Blue singlets to black tie as 95 musicians from the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and Orchestra Victoria took to the stage at the Melbourne Concert Hall. George Patterson Y&R Melbourne have managed to make an iconic Australian ad for vb. Great idea and executed well. Would love to know what type of budget they had to run with.  What other foods/drinks make noise?

Using 451 VB bottles and 6 timpani drums. The musicians collaborated with renowned conductor Cezary Skubiszewski who designed and invented an array of new instruments to allow the performance to come together. (that would have been fun!)
Three months of development and rehearsal were required before the VB Symphony was ready to be performed on stage at the Melbourne Concert Hall.


Title: VB Symphony
Creative Director: Paul Catmur
Writer: Jim Ingram
Art Director: Ben Couzens
Agency Producer: Romanca Jasinski
Production Company: Directors Group
Director: Ben Saunders
DOP: Germain McMicking
Producer: Craig Griffin

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Sony Tropfest 2008


The call for entries goes out to the general public – anyone can enter the festival regardless of their age, background or level of filmmaking experience. The only stipulation is that your entry meets the festival guidelines:

1. Your film must be made specifically for Sony Tropfest

2. Sony Tropfest must be your film’s first public screening

3. Your film must be no longer than seven minutes

4. Your film must contain the Tropfest Signature Item (TSI) – which is ‘8’ for 2008

The TSI is announced in the months leading up to the festival. It must be included in order to demonstrate that your film was made specifically for Sony Tropfest. The TSI can be interpreted any way you choose – for example, it can be incorporated as part of the background, as a piece of dialogue, or as the central theme of the film.

In the meantime, get into the festival mood and watch some of your favourite Tropfest shorts online at our video channel HERE

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::dancer illustration


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OFFF opening titles by the ronin boys

Love this piece of urban cinematograpy. Gritty grain and grade with jumpy audio drived editing : sweet! Have been eager to do a short like this for inner sydney. I think people neglect the potential for some areas like redfern/darlinghurst/slurry hills, or maybe they are just too scared to film there. Could be cool to collaborate with some new young audio guys who would be into composing for such a piece.

Check it out


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