Images from Chile

One of my favorite photographers from South America. Only got noticed just recently. Shoots in an individual style. Such raw imagery with strong looking models. What you can do with using rigging/wires to suspend objects/subjects, then shooting a clean plate and painting away the rigs post. Love his suspended in motion series, usually kinda corny, but with him the images are so grainy and dark.

There are so many openings to blocks and doorways around 2026 that are filthy. Would love to throw a light up or down one and stick a model in there and shoot. Different materials used to enhance the mood. Notice how denim works so well with SPT’s style. Also to film at high shutter speeds; water gushing down the stairs drenching the model.

Simon Pais-Thomas



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One response to “Images from Chile

  1. Awesome shots – yet another reminder that good photography is all about the light. Sensational tones, and humourous subject matter.. can’t really go wrong 😉

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