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Astral Body Church

Here is a video installation done by the rad dudes at Pleix. Astral Body Church involves bodybuilders with the faces of old people, who seem to be miming psuedo-religious imagery. The slide show of images played at the Saint-Eustache church in Paris, which definitely makes the whole project a bit more interesting. Although i was expecting motion of some sort? The idea is pretty weird and random, which is really right up my alley…. I did however wonder if  they are pointing tongue in cheek at the church? If so BRAVO! and good on the church for letting such an installation take place.  Created for the La Nuit Blanche? 2007 event (Paris) in the Saint-Eustache church.

check it here too:


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Yes, it’s the silly season – and it doesn’t get much sillier than this.
For all your support and friendship during 2007, we’d like to express our sincere appreciation through song.

NetXmas - give it to someone special

We only ask for one small favour in return – your patience. There are megabytes of love coming your way, which could, depending on the size of your chimney, take a few minutes to download. So please, get comfortable, have a Merry NetXmas and give it to someone special:
Watch and listen to our NetXmas


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“This is Me” – By The Ebeling Group’s Arthur Industries

Cute short integrating some sweet motion graphics to help tell the story. I didn’t think the pictures were amazing to look at however, it has that gritty UK film look about it, which is fine but I thought it made the motion gfx sequences stand out a little. Either pull back the gfx on get some more colour into the overall film. I’d do the latter. Make the little boy more interesting. Not a huge fan of narration but this works well.

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Waldo you’ve got 3:42 to make this music video

I like the interaction when Waldo is making the set with models then when we look through the lens its liveaction, and the ball rolling through the scene is also fun. Could be fun creating parallels between two completely random objects but they are actually linked. Every time i eat a banana : two cats cross the road…..

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Michel Gondry’s New Björk Video

Once again it looks like Gondry has pulled off another interesting clip for bjork. An idea then transformed into a set/rig, add some extras and costumes then shoot the shit out of it from lots of angles using HDV cameras. Really interested to see if he adds much vfx, maybe the strings will be animated in a stop motion kinda fashion. The track sounds so tribal!

Would be cool to make some kind of contraption/machine that had humans inside or they were used as the components in the machine. The machine could have an input and an output. Maybe reality is transformed into video.

Look foward to seeing the end result.

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