Lakai – Fully Flared intro…


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Pushing the skate video to new heights is the latest skate video by directors:

Ty Evans, Spike Jonze and Cory Weincheque.

In the intro section the team is skateboarding trough fake walls and on exploding ledges and stairs. This would have been alot of fun for both the directors and skaters to film. Apparently the intro was filmed 3 weeks before the premiere….cutting it close.

I think the whole slow motion deal works very well with this intro and score. The previous Girl video “yeah right” also uses a similar intro, without the explosions though.

Most of the video was filmed with Sony DCR-VX1000 cameras and some High-definition footage is used for second angle.


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2 responses to “Lakai – Fully Flared intro…

  1. Any more technical info about the intro?
    Who shot it (cinematographer), what kind of fast came, how many frames per second…

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