Wonderful Flickr set from South African graphic designer, keen collector of seemingly unimportant things, gardener, pool boy, beer lover and  crayon hugger Brante Botes aka von_brandis . Taking the Porn out of porn shoots leaves the viewer with an admiration for the art direction or set design or ‘lack of’ in the porn shots Bostes found on the net. Great series that tongue in cheek pokes a bit of fun at vintage porn. I Like.

View here 



Filed under art, design, Flickr, graphic design, photography

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  1. bitching. i wrote about this on my blog too, and for a site i write for – joshspear.com. we need to collab or something. some kinda canadian/australian meeting of the style minds.

  2. knackstudios

    Nice, joshspear.com is rad. Searching for retro wallpaper i came across his page.
    Dude collab sounds sweet, lets email and sort the shizzle out! Great blog by the way…

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