Gnarls Barkley :: City Vibin’



Interesting video clip for Gnarls Barkley – Run :: Check it here:

Full 90’s print grafiks to start that meld into a psychedelic black and white scenario.

The tv station is turned and the scene changes. Is it a 90’s/now comparison?

Alot of fun, Would love to see the making of such a film clip. Green screen backdrop (and floor?)

Great lighting….


He or She was probably pretty HAPPY with the finished product.


Filed under cinematography, colour, inspiration, music, music video, video, videos

2 responses to “Gnarls Barkley :: City Vibin’

  1. Max

    I designed the graphics you speak of. check out the site.

    Happy are two great directors named Richard and Guy.

  2. knackstudios

    Nice work Max, Love what you have done. Where did your inspiration come? Checking out your site is very inspiring.

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