Schweppes ‘Burst’


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I love slow motion footage, and at 10,000 frames per second, this advertisement for schweppes soft drinks really captures the moment.  . Shot in Victoria, the campaign features stunning imagery of local buildings, streets and parks. Director Garth Davis said: “This campaign is one of those rare gems. It’s not very often in a commercial realm, you can be truly artistic… testament to the strength of the idea and the client’s willingness to make something special (even if a little nervous!)”

I love the score to this ad and the way the ad has been cut, I do believe that the coloured balloons look a little to sony-ish and would have loved to see the result of using clear balloons as if they were bubbles of schweppervescence, clear water modules bursting etc.

Agency : George Patterson Y&R, Melbourne

Director : Garth Davis

VFX Post Production : Fin Design


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One response to “Schweppes ‘Burst’

  1. Jarrod

    This IS a RARE GEM top work to the creator thankyou!

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