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MGMT, ‘electric feel’ interactive music video

Apart from being in-love with their album oracular spectacular, I really enjoyed the innovative spirit Ray Tintori has on directing the video for MGMT’s song Electric Feel. It is horrible to look at, with terrible keying and dodgy footage, but i think that is what really makes it unique. The video is interactive, with the user being able to control the look of the various added textures and additional footage to that of the band doing their thing, all being masked by the bands performance.  Sure it could look AMAZING done professionally and with a big budget, but by the sounds of things it was done with little to no money and for the love.

He says ” Mathematically there are 4,290,888 ways it can turn out. […] The footage is a combination of stuff I’ve shot over the last 8 months of MGMT recording the album with Dave Fridmann up at Tarbox, doing a photoshoot in Montauk, playing a live show at Eclectic, as well as staged scenes on the beach and in front of greenscreens. It’s a big experiment.”

It looks like the band is quite into the whole innovative spirit with another of their film clips being in 3d.

Check their site here

& the interactive video here

BUT download the QuickTime version to get the full experience.


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Dunny Flops : Dunlop Volleys, Exceptionally Average.

Everything becomes cool again, and these little spots for dunlop volleys are putting these legendary shoes back into the limelight. You’d be probably lying if you grew up in the eighties in Australia and didn’t own at least one pair of Volleys. I love the idea of the campaign exceptionally average, the 3 spots they have created and the website that accompanies it! The idea leaves so much room to move, so im expecting follow up tvcs that are just as entertaining. Simple, clean, and interesting art direction.

Great work from the  guys at Marilyn & Sons.

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These guys have it too good! Anyone that snowboards, makes rad snowboarding films, and gets paid for it; has it too good! Releasing ‘All Day Everyday’ this year as their second (Flavor Country first) big production and the opener for ‘Time Well Wasted’ check out their blog.

Director Robjn Taylor from Crapneto is responsible for the film opener.

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Sound of Color

Beautiful work from the guys over at BL:ND. Looks like alot of fun mixing media. Such a smooth animation that fits perfectly with the awesome track by The Raveonettes.

Interesting to check out the creative process that Chris Do and the Blind team went through to get to the final result:

Check it all out here

Also worth looking aroung their site, some great work.

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Foam this time

Fallons latest creation for Sony; ‘Foam City’ is different from the others. People are slating it a little “Not as good as the balls” well obviously, and it definitely lacks the grittyness which I liked from the Paint in Glasgow, but its still cool. Looks more like a ‘making of’ where we’re put in the position of the people that were there in the streets when they did it, or the extras they brought in. Reminds me of the washing up liquid in the fountain trick in Kings Cross Syd or the back in the day at foam parties at Amnesia Ibiza. Safe but fun spot.

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Mike Brodie AKA. The Polaroid Kid

Came across the Polaroid kids website and was impressed with what I saw….

Did a little research on the dude:

In 2003 Brodie left home at 18 to travel the rails across America. A friend gave him a camera and he found himself spending three years photographing the friends and companions he encountered with the Polaroid SX-70.[1] Polaroid discontinued SX-70 film, so now he shoots on 35mm on a Nikon F3.

Mike’s photographs have been featured in exhibits in Milwaukee, Austin, Atlanta and Los Angeles. His work was also selected to appear in the 2006 edition of the Paris International Photo Fair at the Louvre.[2] In November 2007 he collaborated with Swoon and Chris Stain to mount an installation at Gallery LJ Beaubourg in Paris.[3]. He also has had collaborative shows with artist Monica Canilao.

His photographs largely depict what he refers to as “travel culture”, train-hoppers, vagabonds, squatters and hobos. Brodie says his subjects are friends and acquaintances, “I know most everyone I shoot. I can’t really shoot a good photo of somebody unless I know them, but you can get to know somebody just by talkin for a few minutes ya know?

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Shooting People

Just stumbled across shooting people, the website that helps independent film makers share resources, knowledge and experience, to help them find an audience for their work.

Shooting People currently has 37150 members, and 560 new members joined in the last month. No independent film network is larger.

As soon as you join you can start reading and posting to the email bulletins which go out daily to the entire membership. You can also build a profile, which will enable you to be found by Shooters around the world: a kind of powerful online showreel.

looks like a pretty cool resource…

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