Matt Clark Photography

Came accross Matt’s work as part of the Surflines Portfolio series and liked what i saw. Apart from his very humerous and differently witty commentry i thought he has a different style of surf the regular surf photographer. Whether its the fact that the majority of his surf shots are from the New York area, and lets be honest, it’s not really well known for its surf (in this part of the world anyways) or is it just a new take on a generally older dominated field. ??? Who knows. but i likey

You can check his blog HERE

Some photos of his on Waveriders gallery HERE

or his portfolio sries on surfline HERE


ps. i don’t approve of his links to the bodyboarding sites though. that shit is gay



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3 responses to “Matt Clark Photography

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  2. little johnny

    yeah, real gay. pffftt !!!

  3. knackstudios

    haha, fair call. Nice mag that movement.

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