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Little Giants : Don Pendleton

Looks like an interesting doco if skateboarding graphics take your fancy. Don Pendleton being numero uno from the Little Giants, a series that involve some of the most interesting, inspiring and creative folks who are involved in Skateboarding. Available through the very slick Mumble magazine



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Skate shot on RED test : Opus

Quite simply, a guy shot some skating using a RED one at 120fps and it looks pretty cool. Go to Vimeo and watch at HD.

The Scarlett camera out next year will be affordably sick!!!


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Daniel Blom

Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden; this guy has a real graphic style to his photography, with punchy colours and minimal compositions. It helps having the subject matter that he does : sick riders in the latest outerwear. His client list isn’t shy, and by the looks of his site, he gets to travel a wee bit too. Tough gig!

Daniel Blom


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Channel 4 ‘Kubrick Season’

lovely tracked shot through the shining

:: check out these other amazingly tracked shots:

Touch of Evil

The Player


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Insight :: Dopamine

My friends at insight have just finished the latest campaign entitled Dopamine… And once again they have pretty much killed it. Check the site for the posters as well as the  surf and skate vids. A bold move with an all black and white production that really works for this biochemical, enlightened visual experience. Nice work to Steve, Fraser and their creative team in once again being at the forefront of creativeness in the boardsports arts. Amazing photogs from Dustin Humphrey! Edit is killer and a bullshit cool soundtrack.
Check it all out HERE

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Radical Friend

So randomly cool. Apart from this dope (im calling it) splash page i could only find a myspace for these guys with a few videos up on it.

RadicalFriend is the directing collaboration of Kirby McClure and Julia Grigorian.. You can see our videos at ( i guess they’re coming soon.)

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DVS Presents : Dudes dudes dudes

Slick new web video for DVS called Dudes dudes dudes, although the name sounds a little gay, the presentation is far from it with a well presented video quality siting inside a pretty neat website. Check out Australia’s own Andrew Brophy kicking it with a very clean style and fucking massive ollies. I like the intro although i have seen very similar titles it still looks pretty rad…killer soundtrack too!



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