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curry curry curry elephant curry

Whilst one half of KNACK has been jet setting round a small place called Europe; drinking fine ales and waxing his stick, the other half has been chased by elephants on a ring stinging, porcelain hugging, hippie dodging; tour of a place the locals call India.

After 3 weeks spent witnessing extreme poverty and pondering on the wrongs of western consumerism, the first day back at work; I’m booked on a Maccas job. hmmmmm.


The greatest ‘travel’ purchase ever : a pair of dunlops from Kmart for 20 bux!

Summer must have started : Miss Bondi 08 at the Beach Road this Sunday.




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Tame Impala – Half Full Glass Of Wine

Pretty much my favorite song at the moment. I saw Tame Impala at the beach road hotel last night. Was a great gig, rad sound… and yeah pretty cool clip.

“Video directed by creative minds Special Problems (Cut Off Your Hands, Mercy Arms) who has created the perfect trippy realm for you to get lost in. Humming birds that flutter around a sumo wrestler, monkeys bounce off of canons and dance upon their fiery discharge, dogs jump at floating ships on the horizon like possessed beasts.”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Toshiba: Timesculpture on Vimeo

VERY COOL. Just came across this ad for Toshiba on Vimeo. Me likey.

“Toshiba is to launch a special effects-laden TV campaign, featuring next-generation “bullet time” techniques made famous by the movie The Matrix, to promote its home entertainment products.The mesmerising TV ad, shot on Toshiba products to showcase their hi-tech capability, features about 10 people captured in slow motion engaged in what appears to be a choreographed range of activities. Toshiba’s £3m ad campaign, dubbed the world’s first “timesculpture” commercial, manipulates “snapshots of time” using more than 200 camcorders and video data requiring 336 hours of processing.

Agency: Grey London
Executive Creative Director: Andy Amadeo
Editor: Christophe Williams/ The WhitehouseAgency
Producer: Rebecca Pople
Director: Mitch Stratten
Production Company: Hungry ManPost
Visual Effects/ The MillCountry: United Kingdom

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Inspire your Imagination


Came across this rad little blog called Inspire your Imagination that profiles, links to, showcases, talks about etc. etc. photographers from around the globe. Awesome resource for inspiration and to see what people are getting up to. Couldn’t quite find out to much info on who runs this but am impressed none-the-less.

:: JU߆!N


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photoshop cs 4 real

HA! very nice. and interesting to see the making of too.

Click on the image to see a larger size.

Seen on Computerlove



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KRAAK AND SMAAK squeeze me – Flip book

WOW. this is rad…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Band: Kraak & Smaak
Title: Squeeze Me
Management: White Mountain
Production company: Pool Productions
Directors: Andre Maat & Superelectric
Post: Andre Maat & Henk Loorbach and Crabsalad
DOP: Eric Lor

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Book of Terror : a tribute to Michael Jackson’s Thriller music video.

A very good friend of mine’s entry into this years Bloodshots
2008 filmmaking competition. They didn’t win overall best film but easily took out
Best Costumes and It’s also worth mentioning that of the audience votes compiled from the actual screening it appears that BOOK OF TERROR emerged with the most votes!
All the films are up on the myspace page.

Tony Slotslider’s Book of Terror is a tribute to Michael Jackson’s
Thriller music video.
This film was written, shot, and edited in 48 hours for the Bloodshots
2008 filmmaking competition in Canada.
See all the Bloodshots Canada 2008 videos at

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