Pie Paper … Yes Please

My copy of the new quarterly Pie Paper out of the north island of New Zealand arrived in the post yesterday. Packed full of ‘bite sized pieces of goodness’ this was everything i had hoped for. If you have not heard of this new publication yet, it is the brain child of surrogate parents Markus Hofko & Simon Oosterdijk and as they say ‘conceived to keep ourselves and contributors mentally & creatively fit. I feel my I.Q has lifted after absorbing the first issue and am now ready for my doctorate in Circle philosophy. That’s right, each issue is based on a central theme to broaden ones understanding on various topics, the first issue being the circle. Definitely not square.

Check out their site HERE




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2 responses to “Pie Paper … Yes Please

  1. thanks for the tip off, will definitely check it out…

    i’m digging the post frequency! keep it up!

  2. knackstudios

    Nice one Morgs, finally getting on top of things, trying to keep it up to date!

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