The : Steve McCurry

In terms of documentary and travel photography : this guy is a huge inspiration to me. Philadelphia born, he’s been a member of Magnum since 86,  his list of credits include taking  first prize in World Press; four times, and the Oliver Rebott twice. He’s also responsible for the huge ‘Afgan girl’ story which captivated the world. Next time you’re in a book shop drooling over expensive design books, check out some of his books dedicated to portrature. His work concentrates mainly in India, Afganistan, Tibet and Iraq. Amazing use of colours and natural light.

Steve McCurry




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3 responses to “The : Steve McCurry

  1. iheartfilm

    That first shot is AMAZING.


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  3. JFR

    I bought one of his books a half year ago, and it sits on my shelf right next to the computer, so I can look at it if I’ bored.

    it just such a amazing inspiration!

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