Tony Hawk and the birdhouse demo vs. The Internet

The power of the interent is truely amazing….

So… after hearing from various methods of communication > email, phone, website, facebook, & twitter. i found out that Tony Hawk was showing up at the bowl at Bondi for a birdhouse demo on Friday at 2.30pm. Naturally I WANTED TO GET SHOTS! and i did. After joining twitter that day i thought i would it would be sweet to follow Tony Hawk seeing he is totally on top of the twitter thing. Later that day he posted how good it was to skate bondi, i then replyied to him with a link to my photo. In which he returned a comment. Now there must be quite a few dudes following the worlds best skater as within an hour my photo had been viewed by over a thousand people. At present it has 1,885 unique visits and counting… ah the power of the internet.
Tony Hawk - Bondi Bowl
check it out large HERE
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3 responses to “Tony Hawk and the birdhouse demo vs. The Internet

  1. behyc

    wow…great shot~!

  2. knackstudios


  3. Got some sweet footage of Tony Hawk at Bondi Beach the other week

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