Yassine Ouhilal – Yazzy Photo

Yassine Ouhilal has become one of the most sought after photographers in the active lifestyle world.  He specializes in pioneering and documenting new and unchartered surf destinations. For the past ten years he has photographed dozens of locations around the globe, including several in Arctic regions.

Yassine’s unique style superimposes unlikely scenarios with otherworldly settings. From swimming in the Arctic Ocean to capture a surfer in action with a snowcapped background to driving 4000 miles across the Sahara desert in search of unspoiled waves, he will stop at nothing to create images that set themselves apart. The reason?

He loves what he does.Yassine’s relationship with photography began as a child after receiving his first camera. He continued shooting through adolescence. His subject matter metamorphosed as quickly as his ever growing tastes, from lightning bolts and Astrophotography to fashion. At 16, Yassine moved to Hawaii to attend University  and fell in love with surfing.

His Photograpohs are made up of childhood dreams of mine, exploring new fronteers to get to that new break and surfing with no one else around.

Check out his site HERE




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