Routines, Rituals & Everything in Between….. the mike bennett show.


Looking forward to Knack’s friend, Mike Bennett’s solo show at Palmer Projects gallery.

Titled Routines, Rituals and Everything in Between. The exhibition of new works via canvas, recycled materials, sculpture and installation is a showcase collection featuring works developed by Mike over the past few years.

Drawing upon urban themes amongst society’s modern day existence Mike brings together routines and rituals that construct society as a mass.  “We are all constrained to various routines and rituals in our daily existence…We perform these normal procedures and actions on repeat, generally without even questioning them, because they’ve become the ‘norm.’  The banality of these routines and rituals shape our identity as a mass…Although there’s comfort in routines and rituals, this comfort paves the way for more and more of us to not question or adjust our surroundings, as our lives become blinded by routine.” These new works are a response to such routines, rituals and everything in between that counteracts our daily existence where mass identity in society has evolved with a common blankness while others have been colouring in ever since.

Normally the man curating the events at the über cool Palmer projects gallery, its going to be great to see his personal creative flair!



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