Knack studios are creative content producers specialising in Pop culture, Action sports, Fashion and Music.


Starting up shop in 2010, Knack Studios is a creative production team specialising in photography, video and design. Making all of this happen is Justin Barnwell & Rob Norman. Justin with a strong background in design, photography and video editing & Rob Norman in film, production and direction.

Both Justin & Rob have worked on a variety of projects for local and global brands such as Red Bull, Nike, Quiksilver, Rip Curl, Aveda, Roxy, Billabong, Clinique, Sportscraft, Westfield, Mere, Vans, Hurley, Arnette, Stab, Beach Burrito Company, Thai Airways, Channel V, Perv Eyewear, Obscura Digital, Fuel TV, NOIR, 42 Bellow, Anon, Mountain Dew, Matchstick Productions, Tracks Magazine, Bobbi Brown, General Pants, Yahoo 7, Boost Mobile and many many more!

At Knack Studios we aim to provide quality work with quick turnaround and upload times for a more efficient and reliable delivery of the well crafted final product.

Having produced within a wide range of genres, Knack Studios has an open mind and adaptable eye to give the best outcome for each subject. We have worked across a range of content including but not limited to: surf, snow, skate, fashion, music, corporate, live OB, look book campaigns, social media, event coverage, backstage coverage, behind the scenes, TV content, athlete/artist profiles and everything else
in-between. We offer a range of solutions, from a 1 man shoot/edit, right through to a small team for event coverage, design and art direction and video post production.

At Knack Studios we understand the value of being a versatile mobile production team and we are very comfortable with briefs involving travel and ‘on the road’ turnarounds. We pride ourselves on providing unique angles and creative vision across all of our services from a simple shoot through to a full production. As well as our simple video productions we also offer a wide range of other services:

VIDEO PRODUCTION: shooting, producing, directing, live direction, vision switching, editing ,graphics, animation, music licensing, visual effects, motion graphics.

PHOTOGRAPHY: art direction, location scouting, fashion, look books, lifestyle, beauty, action sports, studio & product.

DESIGN: art direction, graphic design, web design, scamps, concepting, layout, print, illustration, photo-retouching.

Knack Studios provide competitive and reasonable rates for quality work while being transparent with costs.

Check out all of Knack Studios work HERE



8 responses to “About

  1. knackstudios

    and they are not GAY.

  2. Zaac

    hey bro. i saw your photos on flickr. some really hot shots in there. what camera you running to take your shots with?

    i also see you are into dnb. i’m from melbourne and the underground scene here is smokin. look me up if you ever down here ..

  3. knackstudios

    Thanks Zaac,

    Also check out the other half of Knack’s photos here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/pommychris/
    We roll with a 5d at present. Yeah dude, Chris is well into the DnB, will def hook you up when down in Melbs.


  4. Bro..
    your works really nice and great.. 🙂
    inspiring pictures at all,
    I’ll put your blog in my link [if u dont mind]

  5. knackstudios

    Sounds great toboss. Thanks for the feedback!

  6. We ♥ you cats. We’ve also linked you up xx

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