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Mike Brodie AKA. The Polaroid Kid

Came across the Polaroid kids website and was impressed with what I saw….

Did a little research on the dude:

In 2003 Brodie left home at 18 to travel the rails across America. A friend gave him a camera and he found himself spending three years photographing the friends and companions he encountered with the Polaroid SX-70.[1] Polaroid discontinued SX-70 film, so now he shoots on 35mm on a Nikon F3.

Mike’s photographs have been featured in exhibits in Milwaukee, Austin, Atlanta and Los Angeles. His work was also selected to appear in the 2006 edition of the Paris International Photo Fair at the Louvre.[2] In November 2007 he collaborated with Swoon and Chris Stain to mount an installation at Gallery LJ Beaubourg in Paris.[3]. He also has had collaborative shows with artist Monica Canilao.

His photographs largely depict what he refers to as “travel culture”, train-hoppers, vagabonds, squatters and hobos. Brodie says his subjects are friends and acquaintances, “I know most everyone I shoot. I can’t really shoot a good photo of somebody unless I know them, but you can get to know somebody just by talkin for a few minutes ya know?


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Looking forward to see this film. Being a strong believer in the fact that sub cultures throughout the world have filtered so many influenntial artists into the mainstream, creating cool, starting trends and giving life: Beautiful losers is a unique documentary celebrating the independent and D.I.Y. spirit that unified a loose-knit group of American artists who emerged from the underground worlds of skateboarding, graffiti, punk and hip hop.

With such influencial outcasts as Mike Mills, Barry McGee, Ed Templeton and Thomas Campbell,

Check out the Trailor here:


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riding wild

Really love this photo blog for emerica by photographer: bryan derballa

“the Emerica team went on their Wild Ride, a motorcycle tour through Northern California. I went along to film for Epicly Later’d and here is some of what I saw. It’s a long one.”

check it out at lovebryan


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