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Saiman Chow

Awesome stop motion piece from Saiman Chow. Some really cool work up on his site:




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Spanish Tavo knockin out some sick MTV Idents

Tavo constantly produces slick work.



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Reed + Rader

Some rad stuff on the portfolio site of Reed + Rader.

Out of New York : Check it out here


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We are a collaborative group of directors, photographers, stylists and art directors. Together we’ve created a small production company in Melbourne, Australia called Moop Jaw. We specialise in music videos, film and animation but are always excited to work on new projects that make use of our diverse range of styles, ideas and production teams.

I like the simpleness of their landing page at present: Small real and contact details. This is always the hardest step to initiate. Getting it up.

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Stylistic short ‘SMILE’ from Gigi Romero

Visually sweet short; well directed and really simplistic. The script didn’t really resolve into anything, but who cares…..it looks sick!

Reminds me of one of KNACK’s projects, which is just getting it’s last touches as we speak, look out for that soon.

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You Fuck We Don’t

A favorite little inspiration site/blog of mine is finally back up!



After months being offline i look forward to seeing big stuff this year from this eclectic crew based out of France…
“who the fuck? You fuck. We don’t. is last-r, drey, nolenz, iLK, and lil’ tyrsa. This little piece of s(h)ite was created to promote and expose our personal projects and life as young ADs.”

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‘Troika’ Sculpture for British Airways Lounge

How sick does this look? And you can program the sculpture to make different patterns and different sounds when the metal discs flip. I’m presuming it has a relation to pixels in themselves, and having a value of one or zero, or something like that. Check out the making of on their site.


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