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trying to be cool. SUCCESS

the video is super cool. Nice work Canada: http://www.lawebdecanada.com/


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July 10, 2013 · 3:23 pm

Wet Dream!

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February 5, 2013 · 3:16 pm


This time White Knuckles. The kings of the budget film clips have done it again. This time working with animals?

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mr oizo unmasked – What a creative way of launching an album/self promoting. I would love to know if this was Mr Oizo’s vision or another create source. Funny on so many levels. I thoroughly enjoyed this. Does that make me weird?:: JUSTIN

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about "MAKING LAMBS ANGER", posted with vodpod

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Wild Beasts: Brave Bulging Buoyant Clairvoyants

WOAH! Im DIZZY! That is one crazy effect!
Music Video for Wild beasts based on the mind bending visual technique called the ‘Droste Effect’ which is based on an uncompleted lithograph that Escher made in 1956. OneInThree developed Josh Sommers’ technique so that it could be applied to moving images and apart from a grade & online at The Mill did all the VFX themselves. Sweet!

Check the vid on the OneInThree site HERE
Also a flickr set of stills HERE


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Mystery Jets – Young Love

Looks like shooting from above is the new black. I have been playing around with this in my photography lately and love what can be achieved. Impressive video by director James Copeman, He has a site up here with more work including quite a quirky little show reel. Cool song too.
DIRECTOR: James Copeman
FIRST AD: Dan Sutherland
DOP: Christopher Sabogal
PRODUCER: Ildiko dienesch
POST: James Copeman + Max Burgess

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MGMT, ‘electric feel’ interactive music video

Apart from being in-love with their album oracular spectacular, I really enjoyed the innovative spirit Ray Tintori has on directing the video for MGMT’s song Electric Feel. It is horrible to look at, with terrible keying and dodgy footage, but i think that is what really makes it unique. The video is interactive, with the user being able to control the look of the various added textures and additional footage to that of the band doing their thing, all being masked by the bands performance.  Sure it could look AMAZING done professionally and with a big budget, but by the sounds of things it was done with little to no money and for the love.

He says ” Mathematically there are 4,290,888 ways it can turn out. […] The footage is a combination of stuff I’ve shot over the last 8 months of MGMT recording the album with Dave Fridmann up at Tarbox, doing a photoshoot in Montauk, playing a live show at Eclectic, as well as staged scenes on the beach and in front of greenscreens. It’s a big experiment.”

It looks like the band is quite into the whole innovative spirit with another of their film clips being in 3d.

Check their site here

& the interactive video here

BUT download the QuickTime version to get the full experience.

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