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Spot on…

Good to see Target doing a web series. Looking forward to it!


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April 18, 2013 · 8:08 pm

STAB turns hippy


My favourtite surfing and cultural commentator/celebrity gos magazine STAB has gone enviro friendly with their latest edition number 28 (the dane issue ) available HERE for online viewing. Sure the image quality is shit, its hard to read online and you dont get that sweet smell of publication ink and glossy stock, but think about the trees man.


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YES! DC YES! New DC Skateboarding.tv website

DC Shoe co. have just launched a new site www.dcskateboarding.tv with a heavy focus on video. The site has a large archive of videos all presented in 640×360 16:9 ratio with the option of fullscreen. It sure makes a difference watching the videos when they are of some what quality. I think we have the technology not to look back now in terms of video presentation on the net. Well done to DC for giving the people what they want.

The vid The king of barcelona is well worth watching.


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United by Fate


WHAT is the BLACK VAN and WHY is it CHASING them? The Globe skate team is on the run from a menace. It’s hard to know if this menace is the creation of their collective mindset or something even more dark and sinister. Will they make it out alive? Find out in Globe’s first-ever episodic short film series, as Paul Machnau, Mark Appleyard, Chris Haslam, Jake Duncombe, Greg Lutzka and Rodney Mullen become UNITED BY FATE. Great initiative from the guys at globe producing free to stream videos from their united by fate website. Interesting intro? super saturated. I liked it the first time i watched it? How good is the Chris Haslam section!

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Yes, it’s the silly season – and it doesn’t get much sillier than this.
For all your support and friendship during 2007, we’d like to express our sincere appreciation through song.

NetXmas - give it to someone special

We only ask for one small favour in return – your patience. There are megabytes of love coming your way, which could, depending on the size of your chimney, take a few minutes to download. So please, get comfortable, have a Merry NetXmas and give it to someone special:
Watch and listen to our NetXmas


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