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Summer coming to a close…

Its been a sick summer, but there’s still plenty of sizzle left!

From a recent Knack lifestyle shoot :



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Immersion : Porn

“In a film of startling power and unsettling intimacy – produced exclusively for wallpaper.com – video artist and photographer Robbie Cooper shoots back at active porn aficionados lost in ecstatic release and hears how their passion developed. Be aware that this is not easy titillation and some of you may find the footage shocking. But the film does throw up any number of questions about voyeurism and exhibitionism and makes clear the incredible nakedness of the solo sex act.” Wallpaper Magazine.

An interesting insight into how porn is perceived in the modern day. Quite in your face to watch. I felt happily uncomfortable.

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Sarah Maple

Came Across a great interview on UK artist Sarah Maple on Slam X Hype. Being brought up as a Muslim, Sarah pokes humour at oneself creating a tongue in cheek and borderline offensive art pieces. I like alot! Look forward to see more from this up and coming artist.

Interview is here

Sarah’s site here


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One Russian Photographer I have been following on Flickr for quite some time now. Her name is Lena Vazhenina and her site is called Sex:Female , this is her Flickr.
Love her portrait work, high gloss factor and stylized art direction.


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CLUCKING- short mockumentary

I laughed out loud.

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