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Ours Ouch…

Knack’s Cinematographer Rob Norman was down at Ours filming the boys towing into some monsters. Here’s what went down:

Knack wishes Kobi a speedy recovery…


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Owen got it Wright

Yep thats for sure, it was an insane weekend! I can barely walk after swimming around all Sunday, beating rips and dodging blueys….time of my life! Floating around in the soup with the planets best surfers, in your own backyard, you ain’t going to better that!

I thought ahead and hired a 200m port from the Aquatech crew down the Gong. It was a challenge to shoot with; focus flying all over the shop, and water drops I don’t usually have to worry about too much when shooting with a dome port. The best fun Ive had in years though! Bondi really turned the taps on and delivered some sizable chunks for the boys to play with.

Check some of my results here.

CHRIS                                                                                                                            (aka scotty)

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Shaun Gladwell :: Storm Sequence

Shaun Gladwell is an Australian artist from Sydney who in my circle is most prominently known for his video art project Storm Sequence that In August, 2007, an anonymous buyer at a Sotheby’s auction in Melbourne paid AUS$84,000 for. Not bad:: It was seen at the time to be the forewarning of a groundbreaking trend in contemporary art. Gladwell seems to have some very interesting projects and by the list of his bio is in
high demand.

Check his site HERE::


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Brian Walker : Digital Artist


Just Came across this Sydney based digital artist/ photographer Brian Walker:

As i too am a fan of David Lachapelle (one of Brians major influences) I instantly recognised and loved Brian’s work.

Check out his work here

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Sony Tropfest 2008


The call for entries goes out to the general public – anyone can enter the festival regardless of their age, background or level of filmmaking experience. The only stipulation is that your entry meets the festival guidelines:

1. Your film must be made specifically for Sony Tropfest

2. Sony Tropfest must be your film’s first public screening

3. Your film must be no longer than seven minutes

4. Your film must contain the Tropfest Signature Item (TSI) – which is ‘8’ for 2008

The TSI is announced in the months leading up to the festival. It must be included in order to demonstrate that your film was made specifically for Sony Tropfest. The TSI can be interpreted any way you choose – for example, it can be incorporated as part of the background, as a piece of dialogue, or as the central theme of the film.

In the meantime, get into the festival mood and watch some of your favourite Tropfest shorts online at our video channel HERE

More Info

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all i want for christmas…

Published Art opened in November 1999 as a very specialised bookshop servicing the art, architecture and design communities. The shop was established to work on the basis of stocking the most interesting publications available internationally, getting them into the shop quickly, and at the best possible prices.

Published Art is different from all other bookshops in both form and content. The differences are that only the latest titles are kept in stock and the selection is made from the best international publishers. The books are displayed as they are meant to be with their covers visible.

Check em out at:
published art



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