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Hundredth Monkey: A new Australian tv series

Very good friends of mine have just launched an awesome new tv series called Hundredth Monkey. Apart from having a rad name it profiles the raw talents of crew in “pop culture jobs you never believed actually existed.” Most of all… Hundredth Monkey wants you to be inspired, and from the first episode profiling Steve Gorrow and Fraser Anderson (the masterminds behind the Insight campaigns) it has definately achieves this!

Look out for the show on Fuel TV or…
Check out the Hundredth Monkey Website
There is also some info on STAB surf mag site



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ROJO® the independent artist and designer consortium who promote and support the arts in all its formats have just launched a TV channel found HERE on their site:

ROJO® generates cultural and creative networks, developing and coordinating collaborative projects and events, hosting exhibitions in its brand new artspace global network, broadcasting audiovisual art through its recently launched online TV channel and a DVD collection, publishing a collection of monographic art books by uprising artists, and last but not least, the nexus of it all, the one of a kind world class text-less art magazine, composed entirely of exclusive art contributions, and distributed in more than 35 countries.

Get involved and submit work here



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YES! DC YES! New DC Skateboarding.tv website

DC Shoe co. have just launched a new site www.dcskateboarding.tv with a heavy focus on video. The site has a large archive of videos all presented in 640×360 16:9 ratio with the option of fullscreen. It sure makes a difference watching the videos when they are of some what quality. I think we have the technology not to look back now in terms of video presentation on the net. Well done to DC for giving the people what they want.

The vid The king of barcelona is well worth watching.


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MasterCard: Studious Pupil


New spot for Mastercard titled Studious Pupilreally did it for me.

Agency: McCann Erickson, New York

Director: Christian Bevilacqua

Production Company: Therapy Films

Great idea and executed well. Love the subtle references to others films etc throughout.

Interesting in the use of mirroring and backdrops.


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Cartoon Network – Elijah

Very slick spot done by Shilo for the cartoon network featuring Elijah, ever so smooth. Nice piece made with a combination of traditional cel, 2D, 3D animation, together with hand-drawn imagery and live-action.

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