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Wild Beasts: Brave Bulging Buoyant Clairvoyants

WOAH! Im DIZZY! That is one crazy effect!
Music Video for Wild beasts based on the mind bending visual technique called the ‘Droste Effect’ which is based on an uncompleted lithograph that Escher made in 1956. OneInThree developed Josh Sommers’ technique so that it could be applied to moving images and apart from a grade & online at The Mill did all the VFX themselves. Sweet!

Check the vid on the OneInThree site HERE
Also a flickr set of stills HERE



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Ubik does a 3650 for MTV

Can’t find much information on these two guys. They are represented by Not To Scale in London. They’ve also done a small stop motion piece for the Observer which is worth checking out on the NTS site.

Love the ‘japanese design toy’ feel to the clouds, and the de saturated under stated grade. Must have been one hell of a track, apparently helped by a guy under the desk with a drill controlling the rotation of our planet.


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Creepy Crawly Tentacle

Yep this is a well executed spot, not sure who did the vfx but they deserve some props too! Definitely effective in getting the message across, different from your usual ‘shock’ factor depressing child welfare adds. I think the audio really sells the slivering tentacle and helps it too represent a straying hand/arm, rather than a piece of male genetalia, which could obviously stop the add from being aired.

Directed : The Vikings under Rokki.

Same guys also did that cute spot : Epuron “Power Of Wind”

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Schweppes ‘Burst’


view ad here 

I love slow motion footage, and at 10,000 frames per second, this advertisement for schweppes soft drinks really captures the moment.  . Shot in Victoria, the campaign features stunning imagery of local buildings, streets and parks. Director Garth Davis said: “This campaign is one of those rare gems. It’s not very often in a commercial realm, you can be truly artistic… testament to the strength of the idea and the client’s willingness to make something special (even if a little nervous!)”

I love the score to this ad and the way the ad has been cut, I do believe that the coloured balloons look a little to sony-ish and would have loved to see the result of using clear balloons as if they were bubbles of schweppervescence, clear water modules bursting etc.

Agency : George Patterson Y&R, Melbourne

Director : Garth Davis

VFX Post Production : Fin Design

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BBC One “Neon People”

Rad little spot for BBC one done by one of my fav creative studios ‘Brand New School.’


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