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Knacks Website is UP!!!

We will still be posting updates of things we love around the net at this blog spot, but at the moment Knack’s main focus is there own work. Come over and have a look…



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DVS Presents : Dudes dudes dudes

Slick new web video for DVS called Dudes dudes dudes, although the name sounds a little gay, the presentation is far from it with a well presented video quality siting inside a pretty neat website. Check out Australia’s own Andrew Brophy kicking it with a very clean style and fucking massive ollies. I like the intro although i have seen very similar titles it still looks pretty rad…killer soundtrack too!



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YES! DC YES! New DC Skateboarding.tv website

DC Shoe co. have just launched a new site www.dcskateboarding.tv with a heavy focus on video. The site has a large archive of videos all presented in 640×360 16:9 ratio with the option of fullscreen. It sure makes a difference watching the videos when they are of some what quality. I think we have the technology not to look back now in terms of video presentation on the net. Well done to DC for giving the people what they want.

The vid The king of barcelona is well worth watching.


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