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When I Grow Up :: Fever Ray

Directed by Martin de Thurrah
Music by Fever Ray: feverray.comSimply Beautiful

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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Perverted Video Scratchings

Mate of mine “Grintos’ Adam Grint ; put me in the path of a new clip he worked on at The Mill Lnd for the Scratch Perverts. Fukn love the Scratchings I remember seeing them 11 years ago in a shitty student union at Southampton Institute, now look at em! The Clip, directed by Partizan’s Chris Carins, must have require some tricky retimes, I love the relationship between the pictures and the audio, you hardly ever see in clips. Simple idea well done. Check out the catering in the production stills on the Neurosonics Audiomedical Labs Inc site: thats some English ingenuity right there. Seems like it was a collaboration of great minds on this one, fun to work on, I envy.



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Echo Beach


Being a surfer and interested in popular culture and the fashion and hype that builds around it, I’m definately keen to see Jeff Parker’s new film Echo Beach. In the same vein as Dogtown And Z Boys and Bustin’ Down The Door, Echo Beach looks at the  sub culture of the boarding sport at a period in time that was quite revolutionary in one way or another.


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Smirnoff’s first ever experiment; ‘Light vs. Sound’


Knack headed to Smirnoff’s first ever experiment; ‘Light vs. Sound’ Featuring a specially designed light instillation that  housed two musicians inside. Without prior exposure or rehearsal created music using only the freeform patterns around them for inspiration. Richard Neville (one of Australia’s best lighting designers; a man behind the lights at Field Day, Parklife, Mercedes Australian Fashion Week and much more) created the light installation, Van She Tech (one half of the band Van She) & Pluto Goneski (winner of 2009 Tropscore) featured live and unplanned. Was certainly an interesting event. Was certainly an interesting event.


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Diamond Dogs ; Black Hole

‘One well executed puppy’ this short film from new addition to PhotoPlay films ; ‘Diamond Dogs’. Awesome simple idea, straight to the punch story.

black hole

Check out Scott Otto Anderson’s new slick spot for Lexus whilst your there, big tings comin for these boys 🙂 – vfx done at work FUEL.


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G.I. JOE Delta 6 accelerator suit skate stunt

RAD! Now this is how viral videos should be!

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Element – Make it count


Loving the staggered online realease of Elements Bio video Make it count.

Check out the trailor and first released film Wind HERE

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