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ROJO® the independent artist and designer consortium who promote and support the arts in all its formats have just launched a TV channel found HERE on their site:

ROJO® generates cultural and creative networks, developing and coordinating collaborative projects and events, hosting exhibitions in its brand new artspace global network, broadcasting audiovisual art through its recently launched online TV channel and a DVD collection, publishing a collection of monographic art books by uprising artists, and last but not least, the nexus of it all, the one of a kind world class text-less art magazine, composed entirely of exclusive art contributions, and distributed in more than 35 countries.

Get involved and submit work here




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YES! DC YES! New DC Skateboarding.tv website

DC Shoe co. have just launched a new site www.dcskateboarding.tv with a heavy focus on video. The site has a large archive of videos all presented in 640×360 16:9 ratio with the option of fullscreen. It sure makes a difference watching the videos when they are of some what quality. I think we have the technology not to look back now in terms of video presentation on the net. Well done to DC for giving the people what they want.

The vid The king of barcelona is well worth watching.


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Dunny Flops : Dunlop Volleys, Exceptionally Average.

Everything becomes cool again, and these little spots for dunlop volleys are putting these legendary shoes back into the limelight. You’d be probably lying if you grew up in the eighties in Australia and didn’t own at least one pair of Volleys. I love the idea of the campaign exceptionally average, the 3 spots they have created and the website that accompanies it! The idea leaves so much room to move, so im expecting follow up tvcs that are just as entertaining. Simple, clean, and interesting art direction.

Great work from the  guys at Marilyn & Sons.

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These guys have it too good! Anyone that snowboards, makes rad snowboarding films, and gets paid for it; has it too good! Releasing ‘All Day Everyday’ this year as their second (Flavor Country first) big production and the opener for ‘Time Well Wasted’ check out their blog.

Director Robjn Taylor from Crapneto is responsible for the film opener.

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Gnarls Barkley :: City Vibin’



Interesting video clip for Gnarls Barkley – Run :: Check it here:

Full 90’s print grafiks to start that meld into a psychedelic black and white scenario.

The tv station is turned and the scene changes. Is it a 90’s/now comparison?

Alot of fun, Would love to see the making of such a film clip. Green screen backdrop (and floor?)

Great lighting….



He or She was probably pretty HAPPY with the finished product.


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Metronomy “Radio Ladio”

On the same note as the “How to kill a chocolate bunny post” I really dig the art direction in this film clip for Metronomy – Radio Ladio. Has a real minimalistic appeal. How long will the first wave of 80’s inspiration last. Surely we are on the dying end of it?

Directed by Daniel Brereton and edited by Matt Dollings. 

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