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Flickr Fav. of the month | Rosie Hardy

This month’s Flickr Fav is Rosie Hardy, hailing from the midlands, United Kingdom.

Check out her Flickr Feed HERE


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Summer coming to a close…

Its been a sick summer, but there’s still plenty of sizzle left!

From a recent Knack lifestyle shoot :


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They’ve done it again…



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Quiksilver Cyphers your vision…

If you’ve got a spare 15 minutes, check out this great new short film/comercial/flick/websisode or whtever the F*$K you want to call it by Quiky.
Basically its awesome and uses some pretty heavy camera equipment recording slater, dane and Julian stomping impressive moves in Mexico at 1000 FRAMES PER SECOND HIGH DEFINITION! Woah!
Has a nice score, some tasty editing and integrates the high def 1000 frames per second well with lifestyle type footage. Im guessing this was done with a pretty huge budget, from the very clever Corona logo placement i wonder who else was handing over some cold hard cash for crew like you and me to fast our eyes upon.
I found the whole intro sequence and the creative used in their web presence very interesting. The fact that this was all done ‘in camera’ is awesome. Props to who ever put this out there as i think it has been executed perfectly. Finally surfing video is getting close to that of skate and snow…

Check out the Microsite and download the video HERE


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Owen got it Wright

Yep thats for sure, it was an insane weekend! I can barely walk after swimming around all Sunday, beating rips and dodging blueys….time of my life! Floating around in the soup with the planets best surfers, in your own backyard, you ain’t going to better that!

I thought ahead and hired a 200m port from the Aquatech crew down the Gong. It was a challenge to shoot with; focus flying all over the shop, and water drops I don’t usually have to worry about too much when shooting with a dome port. The best fun Ive had in years though! Bondi really turned the taps on and delivered some sizable chunks for the boys to play with.

Check some of my results here.

CHRIS                                                                                                                            (aka scotty)

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Boosting at Bondi

WOW! What a weekend. Bondi’s gone SURF CRAZY!!
Knack was out in full force shooting at The Boost Mobile Surf Show.
Check out a selection Justin’s shots from HERE.
Stay tuned for Chris’ shots he took with his housing amongst the worlds best punting at bondi.
Read more about the event on STAB

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Pretty pumped to see Kelly Slater, Taj Burrow and Jordy Smith busting out their best moves for the Boost Mobile SurfSho @ Bondi Today and the weekend. The first international surfing competition to take place on Bondi Beach in over 20 years, the  three-day event will see the most exciting aerial surfers from across the globe competing for a  $30,000 prize on Bondi’s famous waves.

Nine time World Champion Kelly Slater said “It’s been a long time between drinks for a contest at  Bondi, since ’88. I like Bondi a lot, it’s cool. It’ll be fun to be there and have a contest. It doesn’t sorta happen there very much. Usually its Rod Kerr running around the beach in his Speedos. But the rest of us are going to show up and wear our trunks. We’ll see you there.”

Knack will be down there with cameras both in and out of the water. We’re pretty stoked to have the world’s best surfing our local.

Stay tuned for some shots.


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